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Limited Time Logo Gear Order

We are offering, for a limited time, the ability to order extra PC Avalanche items from Universal Athletics, our uniform vendor.  These can be fun and useful.  If you would like extra pants for your player, hats/shirts if you are a coach or manager, hoodie for yourself or your player, etc., please order by the end of the day on SUNDAY, MARCH 1.  Items will arrive around April 1 and we will have a pickup/distribution sometime after that.  All gear are Under Armour brand.  The website (link below) shows them.  Please note that while the last few items on the page (everything after the logo) are plain on the website they will include the logo!!

The website for orders is:

All orders in by March 1 (they won't make exceptions)


Park City Baseball ("PCB") is a non-profit entity organized to further develop baseball opportunities and results for Park City youth.  PCB Vision & Mission

PCB is building on the shoulders of so many that have done so much to improve baseball in PC. Consider joining us as we advance baseball in our mountain town.